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A communal room problem is grease buildup connected surfaces. Cooking oils and fats tin accumulate connected walls, cabinets, and appliances, making them sticky and difficult to clean. This messiness tin pull pests and impact room hygiene. The solution is to get an effective room chimney that tin efficaciously region smoke, preventing it from settling connected surfaces and causing stains. This ensures amended aerial value and a much pleasant cooking experience.

In essence, Häfele’s ceramic hoods, peculiarly nan BISCOTTI bid thief create a functional, clean, and enjoyable cooking environment. So why settee for little erstwhile you tin person nan champion of some worlds successful room aesthetics and functionality?


These models guarantee that your room remains a pleasant space, free from nan unwanted aromas and residue that cooking tin time off behind. Whether you are frying fish, simmering curries, aliases searing steaks, these chimneys activity tirelessly to extract unwanted odors and smoke.

Additional features

The energy-efficient LED lighting and quiet cognition of these chimneys complement nan modern aesthetics. The lighting provides fantabulous illumination for cooking astatine nighttime aliases successful low-light conditions. Meanwhile, nan quiet cognition allows for conversations aliases listening to euphony while you hole meals.

Both nan BISCOTTI 80 and BISCOTTI 60 fresh seamlessly into immoderate room decor. The stylish creation adds a touch of elegance to your room setup. Whether you for illustration a minimalist style aliases a much accepted look, these chimneys merge beautifully without disrupting nan artistic travel of your space.

Maintenance is often a concern, particularly erstwhile it comes to thing arsenic important arsenic a chimney that deals pinch grease and fume daily. However, Häfele has designed these models to beryllium arsenic debased attraction arsenic possible. The easy-to-clean ceramic surfaces and elemental select removal process mean keeping your chimney successful apical information pinch little effort.

Which exemplary should I choose?

The BISCOTTI 80’s larger size and higher suction capacity make it perfect for enthusiastic cooks who request robust capacity for much extended cooking tasks.

The BISCOTTI 60 is cleanable for smaller households aliases kitchens, offering capable suction and each nan precocious features successful a much compact size.

Whichever exemplary you choose, investing successful a Häfele ceramic hood is simply a determination that pays disconnected successful nan agelong run. These chimneys lend to a healthier location by efficiently removing airborne contaminants. Plus, nan durability and ratio of Häfele appliances mean that your finance will proceed to use your location for galore years to come.