Nashville, TN – Texas-based burger concatenation Whataburger continues its extended description wrong nan Nashville marketplace pinch nan summation of a caller location successful East Nashville. The news follows nan company’s first announcement successful 2021 of plans to unfastened 9 restaurants crossed Middle Tennessee.

Metro building permits corroborate nan upcoming East Nashville restaurant will beryllium situated astatine 1201 Gallatin Avenue, joining nan 9 different locations presently nether development. This circumstantial tract encompasses a 0.9-acre parcel acquired by H G Hill Realty Company successful 2021 for $2.4 million.

Whataburger’s committedness to nan Nashville area began successful 2021 pinch nan first nine-location announcement. The institution has faithfully delivered connected its promise, arsenic evidenced by nan opening of nan Hermitage location successful early 2022, followed by respective others passim nan year. As of today, nan pursuing Whataburger restaurants are proudly serving nan Nashville community:

  • 5055 Old Hickory Blvd., Hermitage
  • 1123 Nashville Pike, Gallatin
  • 1835 Old Fort Pkwy., Murfreesboro
  • 439 Highway 109 North, Lebanon
  • 630 S Cumberland St., Lebanon
  • 1715 Gallatin Pike N, Madison
  • 360 W Sam Ridley Pkwy, Smyrna

Furthermore, 3 locations presently run wrong Clarksville astatine 1602 Haynes St., 599 Fire Station Rd., and 791 N 2nd St.

Beyond nan soon-to-open East Nashville establishment, Whataburger’s description plans see an further location wrong Antioch’s Century Farms development, arsenic indicated by Metro building permits.

  • Kevin Toy