Winnipeg, Manitoba – A caller edifice has opened successful nan Polo Park Mall. Aptly named Taste of Ukraine, this is based connected Ukrainian cuisine and features nan country’s iconic bluish and yellowish colors arsenic its main theme. Its opening times and circumstantial location can beryllium recovered here.

Here, they service Ukrainian classics specified arsenic kobassa, a savory sausage made pinch pork aliases beef and seasoned pinch garlic, salt, and different spices, often grilled aliases baked and served pinch mustard aliases ketchup. Another must-try crockery is pierogies, delicious dumplings filled pinch mashed potatoes, cheese, aliases sauerkraut, boiled and past pan-fried for a crispy finish.


Finally, Holubtsi, stuffed cabbage rolls filled pinch a substance of crushed beef, rice, and spices, slow-cooked successful a rich | herb sauce, connection a flavorful and tender bite. These dishes are conscionable a glimpse into nan divers and flavorful world of Ukrainian cuisine, which includes different delectable delights for illustration borscht and varenyky.

Ukraine’s nutrient history successful Winnipeg

According to nan latest census data, location are astir over 100,000 Ukrainians surviving successful Winnipeg, making up astir 14% of nan city’s population. This makes Winnipeg location to 1 of nan largest Ukrainian communities in Canada, pinch a rich | taste practice and history that dates backmost complete a century. Since nan caller Ukraine conflict, this number has risen by a fewer 1000 arsenic refugees person moved to nan metropolis owed to its thriving Ukrainian community.

  • Kevin Toy