St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Chocolate Bark | Jalan Wisata

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• 12oz Chocolate Chips • Cooking Spray • 2Tbs Milk • Rainbow Candy Strips • Rainbow Sprinkles • Mini Marshmallows • Wax Paper 1. In a condiment pan, move successful nan milk. 2. Then adhd nan cocoa chips. 3. Lightly spray pinch cooking spray & melt complete mean heat. 4. Lay retired a portion of wax insubstantial and dispersed retired nan melted chocolate. 5. Cover nan melted cocoa successful sprinkles. 6. Cut nan rainbow candy strips into thirds and spot nan rainbow pieces onto nan melted chocolate. 7. Add nan mini marshmallows. 8. Let nan cocoa harden. 9. Break into pieces earlier serving.

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