Astoria, New York – This week, it was announced that Secret Thai Street Food edifice would beryllium closing. Located successful nan H Lopez Market Place astatine 30-72 Steinway successful Astoria, Queens, nan Thai eatery had gained a stellar estimation successful nan fewer years that it was open.

Over nan years, Secret Thai Street Food quickly became nan spot to spell for Thai nutrient successful Astoria. On Google, it enjoyed a 4.9/5 standing connected Google complete 224 reviews which shows really celebrated it was.

Some of its astir celebrated dishes see Pad Thai, a stir-fried noodle crockery made pinch tamarind, food sauce, and a assortment of proteins and vegetables; Tom Yum Soup, a spicy and sour crockery typically made pinch shrimp and mushrooms; and Green Curry, a spicy and creamy curry crockery made pinch greenish curry paste, coconut milk, and a assortment of meats aliases vegetables.


However, it is now group to close. Recently, a Reddit thread showed a photograph of a motion connected nan beforehand antagonistic of nan venue. Here, it read: ‘Our past time present is Sunday, February 25th. We’re relocating to Freeport, Long Island. Thank you for supporting our business and being portion of our journey. Your support intends nan world, and we’re gonna miss this awesome community!’

Unsurprisingly, this caller was met pinch sadness by Astoria residents, pinch galore of them praising nan eatery for its fresh, Thai food.

  • Kevin Toy