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Ghost Machine, nan caller imprint of Image Comics, has put retired an action-packed, aggravated communicative of environmentalism, survivalism, people struggle, and worker authorities successful Rook: Exodus.

Several years ago, Ghost Machine announced it was organizing a caller creator-owned imprint aimed “disrupting nan position quo.” In its super-sized sampler entitled Ghost Machine #1, Ghost Machine previewed respective caller comics, specified arsenic nan Unnamed universe of Junkyard Joe and Geiger, and its Family Odysseys statement pinch The Rocketfellers and Hornsby & Halo.  In nan Ghost Machine Line, Rook: Exodus stood alone. This makes it a awesome spot to commencement for readers who are not acquainted pinch nan imprint.

Introducing Exodus

The Ghost Machine preview version unveiled nan paradise satellite Exodus to fans. The elders of Exodus had transformed each facet of quality utilizing technology. The full earthy world, including animal life, was governed by tech.

In Exodus society, a group of caretakers known arsenic Wardens utilized helmets to power peculiar animal species. Rook, nan leader of nan story, was fixed complaint complete ravens, crows, and rooks. Unfortunately, nan halfway of Exodus technology, nan World Engine, failed. The satellite was failing rapidly. Rook and his state Swine searched for each scrap of exertion they could find to build a rocket, truthful they could flight nan planet.

Introducing Rook

In nan first introduction of nan series, Rook continues to hunt for components basal to conception his getaway vehicle. He attempts to salvage a fewer pieces from an abandoned rocket but is ambushed by a bear.

Rook uses his relationship pinch ravens, crows, and rooks to foil nan bear. But while he is telepathically connected to nan birds, he tin consciousness their despair complete nan planet’s dwindling resources. Rook muses complete really his satellite became depleted truthful quickly.

Introducing Swine

Rook yet meets up pinch his chap Warden Swine. Swine is facing nan aforesaid problem Rook is: arsenic nan World Engine fails, Rook and Swine are progressively incapable to usage their helmets to power nan animals of their planet.

Rook is incapable to seduce his friend to flight pinch him. Rook thinks backmost to his younker connected Earth, erstwhile dwindling resources led nan elite to wantonness nan planet. He remembers really he was recruited to activity connected Exodus erstwhile his father’s workplace mysteriously burned down.

The clip comes that Rook is fresh to unit Swine to fly Exodus pinch him. But Rook discovers that Swine’s guidelines has been destroyed and respective of his swine person been slaughtered. Swine is connected nan tally from nan bears, and from nan bears’ Warden. Tragedy ensues.

Rook: Exodus is nan creation of renowned writer Geoff Johns, Eisner Award victor Jason Fabok, distinguished comic book colorist Brad Anderson, and Fantastic Four seasoned Rob Leigh. From commencement to finish, these comic book icons do an astonishing occupation of bringing this ill-fated world to life. Even successful nan slowest scenes, this comic brings Rook’s innermost thoughts and emotions to life, balancing them pinch a real-world biology critique.