SAN JOSE, California – According to caller job postings, it appears that nan celebrated fast-food chain, Raising Cane’s, is group to caller a 2nd location successful San Jose, California. While nan nonstop reside of nan caller edifice remains undisclosed, nan occupation postings propose that it will beryllium located astatine nan intersection of Capitol Avenue and McKee Road. Notably, this upcoming location is situated successful adjacent proximity to nan Evergreen neighborhood, wherever different Raising Cane’s outlet is presently successful nan works. Currently, an nonstop opening day has not yet been disclosed.

Currently, location are 88 Raising Cane’s locations scattered passim nan Golden State, according to nan astir caller information available. With specified a important presence, California boasts 1 of nan highest concentrations of Raising Cane’s restaurants successful nan full United States, 2nd only to nan chain’s location authorities of Louisiana. Having said this, San Jose has remained scarce arsenic acold arsenic Raising Cane’s locations are concerned arsenic it is yet to person a notable beingness successful nan city.


Raising Cane’s is simply a fast-food edifice concatenation that specializes successful chickenhearted fingers. It was founded successful 1996 by Todd Graves and Craig Silvey successful Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since its inception, Raising Cane’s has knowledgeable awesome maturation and now boasts hundreds of locations crossed nan United States and abroad.

The restaurant’s paper is refreshingly simple, focusing solely connected its signature chickenhearted fingers, which are made pinch fresh, never-frozen chickenhearted breasts. These chickenhearted fingers tin beryllium ordered successful various operation meals, accompanied by crinkle-cut fries, buttery Texas toast, and nan chain’s celebrated Cane’s sauce, a tangy and creamy dipping condiment that has developed a devoted following.

  • Kevin Toy