FORT WORTH, Texas – In an different move of events, Panther City BBQ, a section nutrient motortruck has accused different section business of being progressive successful a crime ringing that involves stealing and reselling instrumentality specified arsenic trailers.

Sharing nan CCTV footage to their ain Instagram, Panther City BBQ shows that thieves trim done bolts, earlier returning later astatine 5:15 AM to bargain a trailer successful nan early hours of New Year’s Day.

A utilized heavy-duty trailer successful nan authorities of Texas costs astir $7000, proving that nan thieves apt targeted nan nutrient motortruck successful advance.

The Instagram caption sounds “As galore of you know, we had our trailer pits stolen connected New Years Day. The suspects trim our locks disconnected and stashed nan trailer truthful they could laic debased and prime it up later. We were capable to way nan trailer and retrieve it wrong 4 hours, from location nan hunt was on. Over nan past 3 weeks we discovered a bully aged manner crime ringing which involves different section Fort Worth business/restaurant owner. We observed them bargain trailers, nutrient trucks, appliances, and building materials. Here are immoderate pictures and videos truthful you are successful nan know. The prime is yours to patronize this business aliases dispersed nan connection of what he’s about. Now you know, and knowing is half nan battle.“

While Panther City BBQ did not sanction nan culprit successful their post, by reference nan relationship betwixt customers and nan nutrient motortruck successful nan comments section, it is clear to spot who they are accusing of stealing nan trailer.

However, FoodTruckCentral has not named nan accused, since erstwhile phoning nan section business, they denied immoderate engagement and suggested it was their neighbor.

  • Oliver Douglas