Recent tribunal documents person shown that Panda Express has issued a mini Arizona nutrient motortruck proprietor pinch a cease and desist letter.

Since nan celebrated nutrient motortruck Trash Panda Vegan applied for a trademark successful 2022 and looked toward further home description , it seems this whitethorn person been nan trigger that caused nan Arizona mini business to look connected nan radar of nan juggernaut Panda Express.

Trash Panda Vegan // Panda Express

On nan 1 hand, Panda Express was founded successful 1983 and registered a logo successful 2006, earlier updating to nan much existent type successful 2015, immoderate 4 years earlier Trash Panda Vegan began trading. Panda Express besides offers a constricted action of vegan options connected its menu astatine various stores, truthful it is clear to spot why they are concerned by different business utilizing nan words “panda” and “vegan” successful combination.

Put simply, Panda Express seems to beryllium arguing that nan Panda Restaurant Group owns nan trademark for nan connection ‘Panda’ for usage successful immoderate benignant of business that serves nutrient – and they whitethorn good beryllium correct from a ineligible standpoint.

On nan different hand, Trash Panda Vegan has somewhat of an original logo. Granted, a panda associated pinch nutrient is utilized arsenic a trading point, but nan panda is successful a trash can, very animated, and is eating a hamburger. The only existent ocular similarity is nan usage of a panda. Furthermore, from a glance, Trash Panda Vegan seems to beryllium trading Vegan hamburgers pinch fries and wide accelerated nutrient specified arsenic pasta. Panda Express is very evidently a Chinese kitchen, which is what it states connected its logo.

  • Kevin Toy