About Us

Jalanwisata.id is a website that discusses travel and food in the world. This site was founded by a group of people who have a passion for traveling and culinary.


Our goal is to help travelers in planning their trips. We provide complete and accurate information about various tourist and culinary destinations in the world.

Target User

Our target users are domestic and foreign tourists. This site is suitable for tourists who want to plan a trip to the world, whether for vacation or business.


Complete and accurate tourist and culinary information

We provide complete information about tourist destinations, culinary delights and accommodation in various regions in the world. This information includes location, prices, amenities, and reviews from other travelers.

Large culinary database

We have a large culinary database, ranging from traditional food to modern food. This database includes food names, ingredients, cooking methods, and recipes.

Easy to use search feature

We provide an easy-to-use search feature to make it easier for travelers to find the information they are looking for.

Features recommendations for tourist and culinary destinations

We provide tourist and culinary destination recommendation features to help tourists find places that suit their interests.

Features reviews from other travelers

We provide a review feature from other travelers to help tourists get more accurate information about tourist and culinary destinations.


The Jalanwisata.id team consists of people who have a passion for traveling and culinary. We are committed to providing complete and accurate information about travel and food in the world.

Thank you for visiting Jalanwisata.id