At nan National Mall, Washington DC, a caller motion has emerged which was erected by nan National Park Service. In short, nan motion warns nutrient motortruck owners that they are not to run their nutrient trucks successful nan Mall without a signed NPS placard.

Locals person mentioned that location were a batch of nutrient trucks successful nan area, truthful it makes consciousness that galore of these apt did not person nan correct paperwork to run wrong nan National Park land.

Image // Reddit

Some person based on that location shouldn’t beryllium immoderate nutrient trucks successful nan National Mall astatine all, and this could beryllium easy solved by a nutrient hall, owned by NPS, leasing retired stalls. This solution would put each nutrient operators successful a azygous area and make judge that non-licensed nutrient trucks weren’t polluting nan section area.

However, others claimed that nan NPS shouldn’t beryllium charging group to waste nutrient successful their car parkland areas, claiming that they do not really attraction astir nutrient trucks, but want to make profit from licensing fees.