Niceville, Florida – On Sunday, nan organization of Niceville, Florida came together to observe nan life of Mike Ledford, a beloved husband, father, and section food truck proprietor who was tragically killed successful a stabbing incident connected February 9. The event, dubbed “Ohana Day,” was held astatine 3rd Planet Brewing and featured a assortment of nutrient trucks, unrecorded music, and a silent auction, pinch proceeds going to Ledford’s family.

Ledford was known for his nutrient truck, “My Ohana,” which served arsenic a testament to his emotion for some Hawaiian civilization and his ain family. The word “ohana” intends “family” successful Hawaiian, and this consciousness of organization and togetherness was evident passim nan day’s festivities.

Despite nan tragic circumstances surrounding Ledford’s death, nan arena was a ceremony of his life and legacy, pinch attendees enjoying bully food, music, and dancing successful his honor. One of nan performers, Chuck Tidwell, had a adjacent relationship pinch Ledford and said of nan community’s unwavering support for his family and nan lasting effect he had connected those astir him.

Through nan generosity of nan participating nutrient trucks, merchandise sales, and nonstop donations, nan arena raised much-needed costs for Ledford’s family. The occurrence of “Ohana Day” is simply a testament to nan powerfulness of organization and nan enduring bonds of family, moreover successful nan look of tragedy.

  • Kevin Toy