Martinsville, VA – According to precocious revealed documents, a caller tavern is group to unfastened successful uptown Martinsville. This is documented nether a ‘retail edifice aliases caterer application’ and is to beryllium operated by TAD abstraction nether nan sanction arsenic ‘TAD Tavern’. The constitution type is listed arsenic a edifice that serves brew and vino which has applied for a afloat ABC license.

Aside from nan screenshot posted below, location is nary other accusation connected nan improvement which seems to beryllium successful its very early days of development. Unfortunately, this intends location is nary group day for erstwhile this will open. Similarly, it is not known whether nan constitution will waste nutrient either.


Overall, this whitethorn make for a bully summation to Martinsville’s existent eating scene. Although nan municipality is only small, it has a decent action of nutrient and portion disposable to locals. As good arsenic its accepted restaurants, location are besides respective bars and taverns successful nan area, specified arsenic Tequila’s Sports Bar and Grill and Hugo’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, wherever you tin drawback a portion and bask nan section nightlife. Arguably, nan presence of a accepted tavern would besides beryllium welcomed by those who for illustration a relaxing portion aliases two.

  • Kevin Toy