Grand Rapids, MI – Last week saw nan soft opening of Mercadito, a caller Mexican thoroughfare nutrient edifice located successful Grand Rapids. Here, revelers could bask a wide assortment of Mexican dishes, desserts, and snacks disposable astatine nan eatery, which is situated successful nan erstwhile Metro PCS building adjacent Rise Bakery and Ace Hardware.

The expansive opening of Mercadito is scheduled for this Saturday, February 24 astatine 10 pm, and nan edifice is located astatine 1202 West Fulton Street. With its divers paper and premier location, Mercadito has nan imaginable to beryllium a deed among locals and visitors alike.


Judging by nan soft opening, it looks arsenic though this eatery will specialize successful Mexican thoroughfare food. Although an charismatic paper has not yet been released, nan soft opening included chickenhearted and pork Tamales, Conchitas, Flautas, Ceviche, Elote, Tortas, and a dessert menu.

In Spanish, nan connection “mercadito” refers to a mini marketplace aliases convenience store, typically recovered successful Latin American countries. It is derived from nan connection “mercado,” which intends “market” successful Spanish. A “mercadito” typically sells a assortment of basal goods, specified arsenic food, family items, and individual attraction products. In immoderate areas, “mercaditos” whitethorn besides usability arsenic a societal gathering place, wherever neighbors tin drawback up and speech news. Overall, nan word “mercadito” represents a captious portion of regular life successful galore Spanish-speaking communities.

Historically, Grand Rapids has agelong welcomed a number of successful Mexican restaurants and has immoderate very established spots specified arsenic El Granjero Mexican Grill, Luna, and Donkey Taqueria to sanction conscionable a few. Whether Mercadito will beryllium a semipermanent deed remains to beryllium seen. However, based connected its soft opening it decidedly has potential.

  • Kevin Toy