Pitt Meadows, Canada – Pitt Meadows Food Truck Spot has conscionable gained a caller nutrient truck. The news was announced connected their Facebook page, which saw nan version of The Fuzzy Pickle. Technically, this nutrient motortruck isn’t precisely caller and has been serving nan section organization complete nan past year. However, it was antecedently a roaming venue whereas now it will beryllium situated much often astatine nan Pitt Meadows Food Truck Spot.

The Food Truck Spot is unfastened regular from 11 AM to 7 PM and is situated astatine 11190 Bonson Road. If you’ve visited nan spot past you will beryllium alert that it is presently location to various nutrient motortruck spots, pinch The Fuzzy Pickle being its latest edition.


Some of nan different nutrient trucks that tin beryllium recovered astatine this location see DOS AMIGOS FOOD TRUCK, Agri Mexican Cantina And Fried Chicken, Texas Smoke BBQ, Oh My Gado, Taste of Heaven, Porky’s Food Truck, Kampong – Taste Of Malaysia, Tornado Potato, Salty’s Lobster Shack, and Cheeses Crust Food Truck.

The Fuzzy Pickle nutrient motortruck serves an enticing array of dishes, including their signature B-Licious Meatloaf Burger and Fuzzy Pickle Cheesesteak. These mouthwatering creations are moreover much irresistible erstwhile paired pinch their statement of signature mayonnaises, specified arsenic Sweet Mayo, Chipotle, Garlic Chili, Sriracha, Spicy, and Buffalo.

  • Kevin Toy