Owensville, OH – Last week, a caller nutrient motortruck debuted successful Owensville, Ohio. Named Shannonigan’s, this nutrient motortruck enjoyed a expansive opening that took spot crossed 3 days which included array games, giveaways, samples, and different delights. Shannonigan’s menu chiefly serves loaded burgers arsenic good arsenic fries, wings, and saccharine desserts while besides specializing successful deep-fried snacks. In short, it’s an array of American comfortableness nutrient that seems to person gone down good pinch Owensville residents.


For locals of nan area, nan motortruck tin beryllium recovered astatine 115 W Main St, Owensvlle, OH, 45160 and typically has nan pursuing opening times: Thursday 11 americium – 8 pm, Friday 10:30 americium – 9 pm, Saturday 7:30 – 10 p.m. (Breakfast connected Saturday) while besides offering section delivery. Prices alteration and see nan likes of:

  • Fresh Cut Onion rings $5
  • Shannonigan Burger $10
  • Strawberry & Blueberry Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $3.50

Based connected these prices, it looks arsenic though they’re competitory without being excessively costly aliases cheap. Historically, Owensville has enjoyed a number of successful nutrient trucks including nan likes of Clear Mountain Food Park successful adjacent Batavia and Food Network Angels. Based connected this, it looks for illustration Shannonigan’s whitethorn beryllium primed for success. However, it is still early days arsenic nan nutrient motortruck is still nether 1 period aged and this manufacture tin beryllium very difficult astatine nan champion of times.

  • Kevin Toy