Fredericksburg, VA – A caller food truck serving steak and brew has precocious group up shop successful Fredericksburg and based connected nan images, nan nutrient looks delicious. Named Ike’s Signature Sandwiches, it specializes successful serving up delicious cheesesteaks that are said to beryllium nan champion successful nan state. The motortruck tin beryllium recovered astatine 1411 Princess Anne Street, and they are unfastened from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. aliases until they waste retired for nan day.

On their Instagram page, they besides advertise a assortment of section market items, sandwiches, paninis, and section beers truthful it seems for illustration there’s thing for everyone! If you’re successful Fredericksburg and craving a hearty, cheesy sandwich, Ike’s Signature Sandwiches is decidedly a spot worthy checking out.

For those knowledgeable of Ike’s, you will beryllium alert that this eatery was primitively a brick-and-mortar bakery and cafe that closed down successful December of past year. Here, they only operated astatine weekends which was apparently 1 of nan main reasons why they didn’t widen their lease.

It looks for illustration this whitethorn beryllium bully news for locals though, arsenic since getting their wheels group up, Ike’s has deed nan roadworthy and now has overmuch longer opening hours. If thing else, this proves that sometimes, erstwhile a edifice closes down it isn’t ever a bad point and tin sometimes lead to amended times later on.

  • Kevin Toy