Lugano, Switzerland – This week, a caller nutrient motortruck debuted successful Lugano, Switzerland aft being successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign wherever complete 60,000 francs were raised to thief bargain nan vehicle.

Sean, a autochthonal New Yorker, was introduced to nan world of bagels from an early age, making them a regular portion of his play routine. In fairness, New York City is nan pioneer of bagels. Upon moving to Lugano, he was amazed to find that fresh, authentic bagels were not readily available. Inspired by his emotion of nan classical New York bagel, Sean embarked connected a travel to recreate his favourite snack.

After years of perfecting nan trade and delivering bagels locally, Sean was joined by his friend Brett, which led to a important description of Ghost Bagel. Together, they began to be section markets and shape pop-ups, introducing their delicious bagels to a wider audience. This maturation solidified Ghost Bagel’s beingness successful Lugano’s culinary landscape, proving that pinch dedication, passion, and a delicious product, a mini thought tin move into thing genuinely special.


To grow nan business, nan brace took to Kickstarter and managed to raise nan required costs to beryllium capable to bargain a nutrient truck, pinch further ambitions of owning a standalone, beingness store. Recently, nan caller nutrient motortruck was acquired and serves bagels to Lugano locals.

While this communicative whitethorn not beryllium rather complete conscionable yet, it shows what nan powerfulness of crowdfunding is tin of and that it doesn’t matter wherever you are successful nan world arsenic nan connection of thoroughfare nutrient is universal.

  • Kevin Toy