Lubbock, Texas – Lubbock’s edifice segment precocious welcomed a caller summation specializing successful world cuisine. A postgraduate of Texas Tech University, Prabesh KC, has introduced Lubbock to nan unsocial flavors of Nepal done his precocious launched nutrient truck, Lubbock Street Eats.

Mr. KC, a autochthonal of Nepal, identified a spread successful Lubbock’s culinary offerings – while Indian cuisine was well-represented, Nepalese nutrient remained unavailable. Driven by a desire to stock his heritage, Mr. KC established Lubbock Street Eats successful February 2024.


The paper features 2 staples of Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine: Keema Noodles and Momos. Keema Noodles, a savory dish, combines noodles pinch crushed meat, onions, peanuts, and a flavorful soy chili sauce, vanished pinch a garnish of greenish onions.

Momos, nan nationalist dumpling of Nepal, are prepared pinch crushed meat, onions, coriander, and spices encased successful a flour dough. These versatile dumplings are disposable steamed, fried, aliases arsenic a operation of both, and are accompanied by dipping sauces and a comforting broadside soup. As you tin imagine, Nepalese nutrient is not precisely communal successful Texas.

Nepali cuisine is comparatively uncommon successful nan United States owed to a operation of factors. One superior logic is constricted consciousness among Americans, arsenic Nepali nutrient is little well-known compared to much prevalent Asian cuisines, specified arsenic Indian aliases Chinese. Additionally, taste differences, including unsocial concepts for illustration “jutho” and a attraction connected vegetarian options, whitethorn make Nepali cuisine little accessible to nan American palate.

  • Kevin Toy