Cape Coral, FL – This week, a caller Neopolitan Pizza nutrient motortruck has opened successful Cape Coral. Named Nabilo’s, nan motto sounds ‘Come sensation nan flavors of Italy successful each bite!’ In fairness, this is not for illustration your mean nutrient motortruck and though it still maintains thoroughfare nutrient vibes, it is surely a spot classier than nan average. A hint of this tin beryllium seen connected nan broadside of nan motortruck which features artwork showing caller herbs, tomatoes, cheese, and oliva oil.

Basically, while galore nutrient trucks whitethorn specialize successful unhealthy accelerated food, this motortruck is nan opposite. Part of this is because it utilizes an authentic Italian pizza oven, which intends that it tin make genuine Neapolitan pizzas. Overall, this isn’t nan type of pizza that you’d subordinate pinch a truck.


For those wondering, Neapolitan pizza, besides known arsenic Pizza Napoletana, is simply a accepted style of pizza originating from Naples, Italy. It is characterized by its simple, high-quality ingredients: a basal dough, earthy tomatoes (preferably San Marzano aliases pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio), caller mozzarella food (either mozzarella di bufala campana aliases fior di latte), caller basil, and oliva oil. No further toppings are allowed successful nan authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Currently, nan motortruck operates astatine 402 SE 10th St. and besides offers backstage catering. As you whitethorn expect, Nabilo’s besides sells a number of soft drinks too, specified arsenic Coca-Cola and Sprite.

Over nan years Cape Coral has produced a amazingly precocious number of decent pizza-based nutrient trucks. With this successful mind, it looks arsenic though this 1 whitethorn beryllium different hit.

  • Kevin Toy