San Antonio authorities person apprehended an individual for defrauding astatine slightest 28 different people, collectively losing $186,000, successful a fraudulent nutrient motortruck operation.

During a property briefing, Sheriff Javier Salazar alerted nan nationalist astir nan “Tu Trailita” fraud and encouraged immoderate victims to study their experiences.

Miguel Angel Cuellar Lopez, 57, faces dual charges: 1 for Theft successful nan scope of $2,500-$30,000, classified arsenic a State Felony, and different for Theft betwixt $30,000-$150,000, a Third-Degree Felony.

His son, Miguel Angel Cuellar Martinez Jr, 32, who is still connected nan run, is expected to beryllium charged similarly. “These are simply nan first charges against them,” stated Salazar.

Sheriff Salazar explained that Lopez leased a parking abstraction and misled victims into believing they were buying tailor-made nutrient trucks. He would return payments aft letting them prime immoderate circumstantial features they wanted, only to later request further costs to finalize nan construction. Salazar suspects location are much victims who are yet to travel forward.

Anyone who thinks they mightiness person been a unfortunate of nan “Tu Trailita” scam is urged to interaction nan Bexar Sheriff’s Office instantly astatine (210) 335-000.