San Fernando Valley, California – According to a Reddit user, Northridge Mall is group to unfastened a Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant. This news comes aft a personification claimed to person driven past nan location antecedently occupied by Macaroni Grill wherever they saw a recently erected Longhorn Steakhouse sign.

According to section rumors, this spot was antecedently group to go a Lazy Dog restaurant. However, it looks for illustration Longhorn Steakhouse is now group to usage nan venue. At this constituent successful time, it is not known erstwhile nan eatery will officially open. Typically, it tin return months to decently refurbish a edifice which tin go a time-consuming affair.

Longhorn Steakhouse’s agelong history

Longhorn Steakhouse is simply a well-known edifice concatenation that specializes successful grilled meats, peculiarly steaks. Established successful 1981 successful Atlanta, Georgia, nan concatenation has since expanded to complete 520 locations crossed nan United States. Longhorn Steakhouse is renowned for its committedness to utilizing fresh, never-frozen steaks, seasoned pinch their signature bold seasonings. The paper besides features a assortment of different options, including chicken, seafood, and vegetarian dishes, arsenic good arsenic salads, sides, and appetizers.

The edifice is known for its lukewarm and welcoming atmosphere, pinch a rustic, ranch-style decor that creates a cozy and inviting setting. Longhorn Steakhouse is owned by Darden Restaurants, a institution that operates respective different celebrated edifice brands specified arsenic Olive Garden and Bahama Breeze. Currently, Longhorn Steakhouse has a fewer locations dotted crossed nan Los Angeles area.

  • Kevin Toy