The Long Beach Police Department is requesting assistance from nan organization successful identifying 2 individuals responsible for 2 abstracted equipped robberies of nutrient trucks connected nan evening of Saturday, December 16.

The first robbery took spot adjacent New York Street and Atlantic Avenue astatine astir 8:15 p.m. Two antheral suspects entered a nutrient motortruck and brandished a handgun astatine 3 individuals wrong – 2 women and 1 man – demanding money, according to constabulary reports.

Image // LBPD

During nan encounter, 1 of nan suspects physically attacked nan victims, but nary gunshots were fired. The suspects past fled nan segment connected ft earlier rule enforcement arrived.

Following this, a 2nd robbery occurred astatine astir 8:21 p.m. astatine Seventh Street and Junipero Avenue, targeting nan Los Bros Tacos truck. The perpetrators snuck into nan motortruck and pointed a handgun astatine a antheral employee. While 1 assailant demanded money, nan different stole nan employee’s cellphone and struck him successful nan look earlier some fled.

The labor person collectively raised complete $3,000 done a fundraising run to screen nan costs of their mislaid items and aesculapian expenses, surpassing their first target of $1,000.