Long Beach, CA – Bryan Tecun, proprietor of nan celebrated nutrient motortruck “Bryan’s Birrieria,” is recovering from superior injuries sustained aft intervening successful a robbery past Sunday morning. Tecun’s nutrient motortruck is known for specializing successful Birria, a accepted Mexican crockery made from slow-cooked nutrient (typically goat aliases beef) that’s marinated successful a blend of spices and chilies.

Initially, Mr. Tecun witnessed a female successful distress adjacent his accustomed location astatine Broadway and Pine successful Long Beach. The female had reportedly been robbed of her phone. Acting pinch selflessness, Mr. Tecun pursued nan fishy successful his nutrient truck, yet apprehending nan individual adjacent Lincoln Park and recovering nan stolen phone.

During nan confrontation, Mr. Tecun sustained stab wounds, though he initially did not recognize nan severity of his injuries. He later sought aesculapian attraction and was diagnosed pinch stab wounds to nan torso and shoulder, 1 of which punctured his lung. The fishy was apprehended by constabulary astatine nan scene.

Mr. Tecun’s enactment of courageousness resulted successful a three-day hospitalization and a betterment play expected to past respective weeks astatine home. Unfortunately, this incident besides necessitates nan impermanent closure of Bryan’s Birrieria, impacting some Mr. Tecun’s livelihood and his employees’ work.

A GoFundMe campaign has been established to assistance Mr. Tecun pinch aesculapian expenses and different financial burdens incurred during his recovery. Since its inception, nan run has acold surpassed nan original extremity of $7,000.

  • Kevin Toy