Worcester, MA – On January 26, 2024, Lock 50, nan Worcester Canal District’s esteemed edifice and recipient of nan Worcester Chamber’s 2016 “Silver Hammer” award, announced its closure done a succinct connection connected its Facebook page: “Lock 50 has closed. Thanks for your patronage.”

This announcement, occurring 3 weeks aft news of Lock 50’s alteration successful ownership, elicited nationalist consequence connected nan restaurant’s societal media platform. While circumstantial specifications regarding nan closure and early of nan abstraction stay undetermined, nan edifice provided further explanation concerning nan October ownership transition. Notably, comments connected nan closure station faced moderation restrictions.

Lock 50, domiciled astatine 50 Water Street, earned wide nickname for its culinary excellence and innovative endeavors, specified arsenic nan seasonal deployment of outdoor igloos to widen its patio enjoyment. This closure coincides pinch nan impending closure of Maker to Main, nan Canal District’s farm-to-table market shop located connected Harding Street, scheduled for January 27th.

After initially opening its doors successful 2017, it quickly gained a estimation for its delicious paper featuring a blend of comfortableness foods and innovative dishes made pinch locally originated ingredients. The paper changed regularly, but immoderate of their astir celebrated offerings included Lock 50 Wings, Lobster Tacos, Ribeye Steak, and Shrimp & Grits.

These developments propose a play of modulation wrong nan Canal District. The semipermanent impacts connected Worcester’s culinary scenery stay to beryllium seen.

  • Kevin Toy