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Lado Okhotnikov, a well-known master successful nan section of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, announced nan awesome results of his task – nan decentralized metaverse Meta Force. Despite nan wide diminution successful nan crypto market, nan level managed to pull much than 700,000 caller users successful conscionable 1 twelvemonth of existence; much specifications astir this are written successful nan original articlе.

Meta Force is simply a world organization of like-minded group agreed by a imagination of a decentralized future,” says task CEO Lado Okhotnikov. “We connection a unsocial acquisition that combines elements of games, societal networks and a financial strategy based connected cryptocurrencies.”

Meta Force is based connected nan principles of Web 3.0 – nan caller procreation of decentralized Internet. The level allows users to create their ain virtual worlds, ain integer assets successful nan shape of NFTs and gain crypto tokens.

We person achieved occurrence by providing group pinch thing that accepted centralized metaverses cannot connection – existent state and information acknowledgment to blockchain technology,” explains Lado Okhotnikov, “In Meta Force, each transactions are wholly transparent and do not require intermediaries, and users power their integer assets.”

The awesome maturation indicates beardown liking successful decentralized solutions and  Web 3.0 capabilities. According to analysts, this marketplace could turn by 3,850% successful nan adjacent decade.

Lado Okhotnikov: Meta Force demonstrates nan occurrence of nan decentralized metaverse

We don’t extremity there,” continues Okhotnikov. “Meta Force is perpetually processing and integrating caller features. Our extremity is to create a genuinely autonomous and safe metaverse for users from each complete nan world.”

One of nan cardinal features of nan level is nan expertise to monetize integer content. Participants tin shape their ain virtual events, games and person rewards successful Meta Force tokens.

We want virtual objects successful nan metaverse to go thing much than conscionable pictures,” adds Lado Okhotnikov. “Thanks to NFT, you are nan afloat proprietor of integer assets and tin waste aliases speech them.”

Since its launch, nan full number of Meta Force users has reached 1.5 million. Growing activity connected societal networks and a successful loyalty programme bespeak nan viability of nan project.

With its awesome maturation rate, Meta Force refutes skeptics who judge that nan wide take of cryptocurrencies is held backmost by nan complexity of utilizing technology. According to Vladimir Okhotnikov, millions of participants person already figured retired wallets and backstage keys.

Meta Force proves that moreover successful a carnivore market, you tin win by offering innovative and in-demand products. Thanks to teamwork and nan usage of cutting-edge technology, nan level has quickly attracted millions of enthusiasts quiet for caller decentralized solutions.

About Meta Force 

Meta Force is simply a revolutionary decentralized metaverse created by Lado Okhotnikov and his team. It is based connected nan principles of Web 3.0 and provides users pinch nan opportunity to create their ain virtual worlds, ain integer assets successful nan shape of NFTs and gain cryptocurrency.

Unlike accepted centralized metaverses, Meta Force is built connected blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, information and nan absence of intermediaries successful transactions. Thanks to nan usage of smart contracts, users person afloat power complete their integer assets and income.