HUNTSVILLE, AL – A caller Korean fried chickenhearted edifice is group to unfastened successful Huntsville. Recently, an relationship named Seoul Good Chicken claimed to beryllium ‘coming soon’ and is to unfastened later connected successful nan twelvemonth successful Stovehouse. Since Stovehouse opened back successful 2019, it has welcomed various eateries and has proved to beryllium a celebrated area pinch nan locals. Located astatine 3414 Governors Drive, it was erstwhile a stove manufacturing installation that has been transformed into a lively hub for section businesses, restaurants, and intermezo venues.

Currently, Huntsville is location to nan likes of Stone Age Korean BBQ, I Love Korea, and Garam. However, these restaurants are much traditional, whereas Korean Fried Chicken typically tends to beryllium a fast-casual affair. However, location is title pinch Gangnam Korea which has been serving Korean Fried Chicken successful nan metropolis since 2021.

As of now, location is nary group clip for Seoul Good’s charismatic opening date. However, it is speculated that it whitethorn switch nan spot vacated by Parm & Pepper which has been vacant for respective months now. Interestingly, Huntsville is still waiting connected Korea BBQ and Revolving Sushi which person still yet to unfastened contempt years of speculation. With this being said, hopefully Seoul Good Chicken does not travel this inclination of Asian restaurants successful nan area.

Recently, Korean Fried Chicken has been gaining important traction successful nan United States, acknowledgment to a confluence of factors. One of nan cardinal drivers of this inclination has been nan powerfulness of societal media, wherever platforms for illustration Instagram and TikTok person played a important domiciled successful bringing this delectable crockery to nan forefront of nationalist attention.

  • Kevin Toy