Lynn Haven, Florida – The City of Lynn Haven is pleased to denote nan inaugural International Food Truck Friday, taking spot this Friday, March 1st. The arena will beryllium held astatine Sharon Sheffield Park from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

International Food Truck Friday offers residents a unsocial opportunity to research nan divers culinary scenery of Bay County. Over 20 nutrient trucks are anticipated to participate, showcasing a wide scope of world cuisines on Pennsylvania Avenue and 10th Street.


Speaking connected nan addition, Lynn Haven City Manager Vickie Gainer stated, “International Food Truck Friday is simply a awesome opportunity for each people, nary matter their background, to beryllium together, collectively appreciating nan characteristic of cultures that are besides not our own. We person truthful galore talented section vendors and performers, we dream everyone tin travel retired and show their support!”

Additionally, nan arena will characteristic creator performances, look coating activities, and section games, fostering a vibrant and engaging ambiance for nan community.

Beyond providing locals pinch nan obvious, nutrient trucks are a valuable summation to immoderate community, offering a scope of benefits that widen beyond their tasty paper offerings. One of nan astir important advantages is nan accrued assortment of nutrient options they supply to locals. Food trucks connection a divers scope of cuisines and paper items, which tin complement existing brick-and-mortar restaurants and supply residents pinch a broader action of eating choices.

  • Kevin Toy