Glenview, IL – A nutrient motortruck based retired of Glenview successful Illinois has been praised for its creativity online. Although it has been astir since 2016, only precocious did it summation attraction for its absorbing prime of vehicle. As seen, this is simply a converted ambulance that has kept its original reddish and achromatic colour scheme, arsenic good arsenic nan ambulance lights.

In fairness, it’s not each time that you spot an ambulance converted into a nutrient truck. However, reasoning astir it, this is really a bully thought arsenic it’s nan cleanable size and surely sticks retired owed to its chopped look.


Riobamba Latin Kitchen is simply a quick-service Latin edifice located successful Glenview, Illinois that started arsenic a nutrient motortruck successful Glenview, and its paper is based connected nan brothers Mike and Tony Andino’s Latin American heritage. Based successful 1869 Waukegan Road, nan eatery besides offers gluten and dairy-free options which is thing of a rarity erstwhile eating Mexican food.

Their tacos, tortas, and tamales are each made pinch caller ingredients and they’re known for their earthy flavors. Apparently, they connection catering services arsenic well, truthful you tin bring their tasty nutrient to immoderate event! It seems for illustration Riobamba is simply a existent organization favorite, truthful if you’re ever successful nan area, beryllium judge to cheque them retired for a sensation of Latin America!

  • Kevin Toy