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If you conscionable recovered retired you person herpes and you’re thinking, “Now what??” aliases you’ve had herpes for a while and are frustrated because you’re still having outbreaks, my eBook Hope for Herpes tin thief you get connected nan way to an outbreak-free life!

Hope for Herpes my no-nonsense guidebook calved from my ain individual acquisition of surviving pinch herpes for galore years.

It’s overflowing pinch nan information, answers, and resources you’ve been searching for.

Learn really you tin extremity breaking out and get connected pinch surviving your life again! I did it and you tin too.

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In Hope for Herpes, you will learn:

  • Must-know info astir herpes and why you have to understand its relationship to Lysine and Arginine if you want to prevent herpes outbreaks for good (don’t worry, it’s easy to understand!).
  • The specific foods to EAT and which foods to AVOID truthful you tin stop those horrible herpes outbreaks and get backmost to surviving your life again.
  • Some surprising things many group don’t know tin trigger outbreaks. These things mightiness beryllium portion of your life and causing you outbreaks without you moreover realizing it. (It’s much than conscionable definite foods!)
  • The supplements and topical curen options that I highly recommend AND nan ones I urge you debar astatine each costs. (Yes, some supplements tin CAUSE herpes outbreaks. Ask maine really I know!!)
  • My absolute BEST advice for thriving pinch herpes, including my “5 Steps to an Outbreak-Free Life.”

Listen, you are not soiled aliases broken conscionable because you person nan herpes virus, and you decidedly don’t person to suffer pinch changeless outbreaks.

Grab this PDF ebook today and get yourself connected nan way to treatment ASAP.

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Yes, YOU CAN unrecorded free from Herpes outbreaks!

Are you wondering if what I’m saying is really true? That you tin really unrecorded a life free from outbreaks? I tin guarantee you it’s perfectly existent because I did it myself!

I was diagnosed pinch herpes (HSV-1 Genital – yay truthful fun) back successful 2012 aft connecting pinch my past fellow for nan first clip (and YES WE USED A CONDOM).

You tin publication my full personal herpes communicative here, but suffice to opportunity that I was perfectly freaking devastated some mentally and emotionally, and proceeded to person constant herpes outbreaks, 1 correct aft nan other, for months and past honestly, years.

It. Was. A-W-F-U-L.

I researched profusely online, tried a bunch of different supplements, and moreover spent $67 connected a stupid book that claimed it had nan cure for herpes but turned retired to beryllium a full scam! (Apparently nan titles of “Dr.” and “scammer” are not mutually exclusive.)

However, I didn’t springiness up and aft YEARS of researching and testing things retired connected my own, I yet figured it out. I yet figured retired really to extremity having changeless herpes outbreaks. Now it’s your turn!

Note: While I’m decidedly not opposed to medicine, nan accusation I’m sharing pinch you successful Hope for Herpes is chiefly focused connected acquisition and providing you pinch nan earthy techniques and solutions that person worked fantastically good for maine and truthful galore of my readers complete nan years.

In my opinion, medicine is awesome and decidedly has its place, but if location are things we tin do people to forestall having to return immoderate medicine astatine all, past why not do that instead?

What this book IS and what it ISN’T

This book is NOT:

  • Written by a doctor, a licensed nutritionist, aliases anyone pinch a really cool, fancy title.
  • A textbook that contains nan reply to each mobility ever asked aliases that ever will beryllium asked astir Herpes, Lysine, and Arginine.
  • Formally written successful cleanable English, pinch general grammar, and cleanable punctuation.

This book IS:

  • Written by a regular gal who has gone done nan symptom and suffering of having herpes herself and wants to thief forestall aliases destruct it for arsenic galore others arsenic she can.
  • A complete starter guideline for anyone pinch herpes who is conscionable learning astir herpes arsenic good arsenic nan lysine-arginine connection, to make their lives easier and springiness them a clear way forward.
  • Casually written successful plain connection pinch my quirky consciousness of joke radiated successful for bully measure.

Are you fresh to beryllium outbreak-free?
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Hope for Herpes eBook Full Display

Here’s nan Truth

Herpes doesn’t person to extremity you from surviving a wholly healthy, happy life. If you are suffering pinch herpes outbreaks, past you are very simply missing immoderate cardinal pieces of knowledge and information.

That’s it, plain and simple!

Hope for Herpes HAS that knowledge and accusation and I americium not charging you a ridiculous $67 value for illustration I paid each those years agone for a stupid scam book that was a bunch of BS crap.

This book is $9.99 because I want it to beryllium affordable and attainable for whoever needs it.

Also, everything that’s successful this eBook, you tin perfectly find yourself by doing precisely what I did: walk a LOT of clip researching online, watching acquisition videos, reference hundreds of connection committee posts, sifting done countless articles and blog posts, past trying to fig retired which ones incorporate actual accusation and which ones are crap written by low-paid contented writers who don’t person herpes and person zero acquisition and existent knowledge, who constitute their articles by reference different (questionable aliases contradictory) articles and past conscionable rewording what they read!! (I americium a contented writer, spot me, I’ve seen this first hand!! It’s crazy.)


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Want nan Lysine-Arginine Food Ratio Charts too?

Lysine Arginine Ratio Food Chart

Bundle and prevention $5!

The Lysine vs Arginine Food Ratio Charts is simply a 60+ page speedy reference PDF I put together to thief group conscionable for illustration you and I who are focusing on preventing herpes outbreaks through our diets.

The information is formatted successful a measurement that makes it easy for you to spot not only the lysine and arginine content of each food, but more importantly, its ratio of lysine to arginine.

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Save yourself hours of time. I did nan difficult activity truthful you don’t person to! This clear, concise speedy reference PDF contains each nan info you request and thing you don’t.

Keep your life elemental pinch this go-to reference guide and ne'er again interest astir doing aggregate searches complete and over, past sorting done unnecessary info to find what retired what you really want to know…

HOW MUCH LYSINE VS ARGININE DOES THIS FOOD HAVE? All of that info is now condensed and correct astatine your fingertips astatine a moment’s access.

The foods successful each floor plan person been sorted pinch nan highest (best) lysine to arginine ratio astatine nan top, and nan lowest astatine nan bottom. This way, it’s easy for you to cognize which foods are safe and which to beryllium observant with.

Here’s sample image of 1 of nan pages wrong to springiness you an thought of what you’ll beryllium getting. (There are 11 pages for veggies alone!)

Sample PageLysine to Arginine Ratio of Vegetables


To beryllium clear, nan Lysine to Arginine Quick Reference Guide contains specially designed Lysine to Arginine Food Ratio Charts. The charts don’t incorporate immoderate of nan different nutritional information specified arsenic protein, carbohydrates, etc.

It only contains nan captious info you request to determine nan following:

  1. Whether you tin devour a definite nutrient by itself (for nan foods pinch much lysine than arginine)
  2. Whether you request to harvester that nutrient pinch a precocious lysine nutrient to equilibrium it retired (for those that person somewhat much arginine than lysine)
  3. Whether you mightiness beryllium amended disconnected avoiding that nutrient wholly (for nan foods that are ace precocious successful arginine compared to lysine. I telephone these nan herpes statement starters lol.)  

It was specially designed for group for illustration america who are trying to devour precocious lysine, debased arginine foods successful bid to forestall herpes outbreaks.

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