Greenwood, Arkansas – A caller nutrient motortruck has conscionable opened for business successful Greenwood which has quickly gained nan attraction of locals. Located astatine nan caller food truck lot, 10 EATS connected The Spur — 1600 West Center St, this motortruck is aptly named Titletown Feedhouse and offers BBQ, smoked meats, and hearty, homemade food.

In short, if you want thing that will capable you up and you for illustration meat, past this will tick a batch of boxes. Specifically, this includes nan likes of pulled pork brisket, beef, loaded spuds, food mac, and a assortment of sauces. It besides offers desserts specified arsenic homemade pumpkin and pome pie.


The reviews look good

News of nan opening was first mentioned connected a River Valley nutrient group connected Facebook. Here, one personification said: ‘Today I slipped complete to Greenwood to effort retired my ex-nextdoor neighbor’s caller nutrient truck. They were nan top neighbors anyone could person ever asked for and I yet sewage nan chance to spell effort their nutrient truck. So gladsome I did too. It was truthful good! I didn’t cognize what to get truthful I sewage a Man’s sheet pinch 3 meats and 2 sides (plus I added different side) and nan loaded spud pinch brisket. Get complete to effort their nutrient ASAP! They’re location connected nan weekends and worthy your time, promise!’

This was accompanied by different personification who besides claimed to person visited, saying nan nutrient was delicious. Titletown Feedhouse is unfastened connected Friday and Saturday from 11-8 PM.

  • Kevin Toy