Loves Park, Illinois – The Olive Branch, a celebrated Greek food motortruck operating successful nan Rockford area since 2017, has precocious expanded its offerings by launching an online room astatine Carlson Ice Arena successful Loves Park, Illinois. This caller venture, which started connected Tuesday, enables customers to bid nan nutrient truck’s signature dishes specified arsenic gyro sandwiches, Greek atom bowls, loukoumades, and spanakopita, for curbside pickup. Delivery via DoorDash is group to beryllium added soon.

The further abstraction provided by nan room astatine Carlson Ice Arena allows The Olive Branch to broaden its menu, pinch plans to present dolmades, stuffed grape leaves pinch a citrus sauce, and authentic Greek avgolemono crockery adjacent week. Future additions mightiness see pastitsio, a Greek return connected lasagna, and saganaki, a celebrated Greek appetizer of pan-seared food served pinch citrus wedges.

The online room operates from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday done Saturday, and it will proceed to run year-round, moreover arsenic nan nutrient motortruck resumes its regular rounds during warmer months. Michele Christidis, 1 of nan individuals down The Olive Branch, expressed dream that fans of nan nutrient motortruck will clasp this caller action arsenic a convenient measurement to bask their favourite dishes without nan hold times often associated pinch highest nutrient motortruck season.

Additionally, nan Rockford-based mates has announced plans to unfastened their first brick-and-mortar edifice successful downtown Beloit, Wisconsin. The restaurant, to beryllium named Kalamata aft nan oliva and nan metropolis successful confederate Greece, will inhabit nan erstwhile abstraction of Fresco Fajita House astatine 315 S. State St. The erstwhile constitution closed past fall, and renovations are presently underway.

The couple’s imagination for nan edifice includes regular antagonistic and carryout work during nan week, arsenic good arsenic typical reservation-only work connected weekends pinch a Mediterranean meal menu. This inaugural represents a important measurement guardant for The Olive Branch, arsenic it moves from its successful nutrient motortruck origins to a imperishable location that will showcase nan champion of Greek cuisine successful a caller setting.

  • Kevin Toy