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Egor Abramov is an entrepreneur and finance head astatine Fort Ross Ventures, a guidance institution that invests successful US, Israeli and Russian startups. As nan company’s finance director, Egor Alexandrovich Abramov notes that it manages costs totaling much than $345 million. In 2021, nan institution launched a caller fund, nan Fort Ross Seed Fund. It was created specifically to support projects founded by entrepreneurs from Russia.

Working pinch Corporations

The first money of Fort Ross Ventures was called nan SBT Venture Fund I. It was created backmost successful 2012 and is presently not investing. The 2nd was launched successful 2017-2018 and is presently experiencing highest finance development.

The determination to create nan Fort Ross Seed Fund was made successful 2020. The money was designed pinch a circumstantial marketplace successful mind, and is focused chiefly connected investments successful Russian projects. According to Egor Alexandrovich Abramov, Russia has promising early-stage startups that are processing not only successful that country, but want to participate nan American market. Fort Ross Ventures was capable to supply them pinch specified an opportunity. By serving arsenic an intermediary, Fort Ross Ventures facilitates connections betwixt these startups and starring American investors, streamlining their introduction process and easing nan process.

Fort Ross Ventures, nether Abramov’s leadership, has honed its expertise to collaborate pinch apical Russian investors complete nan years. Abramov mentions that nan institution successfully facilitates nan preamble of Israeli and American projects to nan Russian market. This acquisition positions Fort Ross Ventures to efficiently merge Russian startups into nan home market, offering a faster way compared to proposals from overseas partners.

How nan Russian and Western Venture Capital Markets Differ

According to Egor Abramov, entrepreneur and investor, nan task superior marketplace successful Russia is successful galore ways akin to that of America. At slightest erstwhile it comes to startup founders, successful Russia they are conscionable arsenic modern, eager and demanding.

There is 1 cardinal quality successful nan Russian task superior market—namely, nan deficiency of dedicated business incubators for early startups. In nan United States, galore specified clusters person been created, and investors tin actively put successful nan projects nurtured there. Businessman Egor Abramov sees nan creation of startup clusters successful Russia arsenic 1 of nan goals of Fort Ross Ventures.

Focus Areas of nan Fund

Egor Abramov, entrepreneur and laminitis of Fort Ross Seed Fund, asserts that nan fund’s interests are shaped by investors’ preferences. Priority is accorded to companies tin of exploring avenues for realizing their products among nan fund’s partners. However, this doesn’t connote that a startup lacking contiguous investor liking will beryllium overlooked. It’s important to admit that nan money cannot guarantee an opportunity for financial gain.

Particular attraction is fixed to startups creating products applicable to divers investors, specified arsenic those successful firm training aliases promotion, constituting a important portion—up to 90%—of nan full startups.

Similar to different funds, Fort Ross Seed Fund employs markers for institution evaluations. The rationales for deals not materializing often revolve astir nan inadequacy of nan startup laminitis aliases a misalignment pinch quality values, though specified instances are exceptionally rare.

In galore cases, deals autumn done owed to heavy soul issues wrong nan company. Egor Abramov observes that a startup’s laminitis whitethorn initially coming it effectively, creating nan belief of a worthwhile investment. Yet, a much thorough study and connection pinch clients who rejected nan startup’s services aliases merchandise unveil nan existent authorities of affairs, yet starring to nan project’s abandonment.

To debar specified situations, Egor Abramov advises startup founders against self-deception from nan outset. If 1 genuinely believes successful their startup, thorough mentation tin facilitate its position to investors. Understanding why nan task is worthy investing successful is paramount, simplifying nan position process.