Cousins Maine Lobster, renowned for its lobster rolls and operating arsenic a fast-food edifice and nutrient motortruck chain, is group to task into nan Chicago marketplace shortly.

The marque plans to motorboat 2 beingness edifice outlets and 5 nutrient trucks successful nan Chicago area. The inaugural nutrient motortruck is slated to commencement operations early this year, as per a caller property statement. This first motortruck will characteristic celebrated items for illustration genuine Maine Lobster Rolls, Lobster Grilled Cheese, Lobster Tacos, and New England Clam Chowder.

The fixed-location restaurants will connection an expanded menu, including Maine whole-belly fried clams and food and chips.

Cousins Maine gained important traction aft featuring connected ABC’s “Shark Tank” and forming a business pinch investor Barbara Corcoran. The business, which began pinch a azygous nutrient motortruck successful 2012, made its “Shark Tank” debut nan aforesaid year, striking a woody pinch Corcoran for a 15% liking successful speech for $55,000.

Post their “Shark Tank” appearance, Cousins Maine knowledgeable singular growth. By 2016, its income had escalated to $20 million.

The description successful nan Chicago region will beryllium spearheaded by franchisee brothers, Yunus and Thameem Shahul, who person antecedently introduced Cousins Maine to 5 different markets. While nan nonstop dates and locations for nan expansive openings are yet to beryllium disclosed, nan institution anticipates announcing them “soon.”