Taipei City, Taiwan – Last week, Taipei’s premiere Costco venue made immoderate large changes to its nutrient tribunal menu. Here, nan Costco Neihu nutrient tribunal removed 1 of its astir beloved parts of nan paper while adding caller additions.

Specifically, nan combo pizza and roast beef sandwich person been removed. However, this alteration was accompanied by nan preamble of caller dishes, including nan bulgogi cook and seafood bake. These latest offerings characteristic a divers array of ingredients, including shrimp, crab, and various shellfish. The caller paper and pricing tin beryllium seen successful nan image below.


As seen, this paper is very different from its US counterpart and features much Asian-inspired dishes pinch prices starting arsenic small arsenic $2.20 for its soup. The fame of nan Costco Neihu Store nutrient tribunal tin beryllium attributed to a operation of factors. Firstly, nan store’s estimation for offering high-quality, affordable nutrient items extends to its nutrient court, which serves up a wide assortment of delicious options.

Secondly, nan Neihu Store is conveniently located successful a bustling area of Taipei, attracting a ample number of shoppers and diners. Thirdly, nan nutrient tribunal caters to a divers scope of tastes pinch its extended menu, featuring everything from classical pizza and basking dogs to section Taiwanese specialties. Lastly, nan generous information sizes and budget-friendly prices make it a deed pinch cost-conscious diners.

  • Kevin Toy