Black Pink Rose and nan Jisoo Global Union money sent a nutrient motortruck to nan location of Jisoo’s movie group yesterday. For those not aware, Jisoo has not filmed thing for 2 years, truthful nan nutrient motortruck is simply a bully motion from everyone involved.

The poster (taken from Twitter) beneath shows conscionable really crazy and progressive nan fans of Black Pink really are, arsenic connected January 12th, nan thought was calved to really nonstop a nutrient motortruck and stitchery donations for it. Almost immoderate different celebrity, would not scope this goal, arsenic everyone knows they could simply rent a nutrient motortruck pinch their ain money, but successful nan world of K-pop this is not excessively unusual.

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The branding of nan nutrient motortruck has been changed truthful that it is Jisoo-themed pinch various messages of support and bully luck throughout, though it is clear to spot that nan motortruck will service drinks, which are astir apt bubble beverage teas fixed nan signage.

A nonstop Google construe of nan Korean messages displayed connected nan motortruck is arsenic follows:

Good luck to each Omniscient readers and actors struggling successful nan acold weather!

Rosé is cheering you on♥

Please return attraction of our Jisunni ♥ I dream Doxi is simply a awesome occurrence ♥

Enjoy your repast and cheer up ♥

  • Oliver Douglas