Seattle, Washington – This week, Seattle-based nutrient motortruck Goodbelly was deed by an unsavory scam that saw them suffer complete $1,000. The scam was shared connected their communicative and progressive a clone institution that paid them by cheque, and past canceled nan expected arena earlier Goodbelly could fulfill nan order. They past sewage Goodbelly to refund them done different means, earlier returning nan original cheque. This was shared connected nan communicative of GoodBelly’s Instagram account, wherever nan proprietor was intelligibly upset by nan debacle.

The Instagram station began by saying: “Guys, I conscionable sewage scammed. These group request to spell to hell. I’m truthful huffy correct now. I should person listened to my gut and ne'er went pinch this,” and tin beryllium seen successful much item below:

Goodbelly is champion known for its malasadas (Hawaiian Style donuts) and complete nan years has earned nan estimation of being 1 of nan champion dessert food trucks successful Seattle. Thankfully for Goodbelly, nan organization has responded by sell-out days. Nonetheless, this shows conscionable really unscrupulous definite group are erstwhile targeting section businesses.

For those wondering, nan malasada is simply a accepted Portuguese doughnut made of yeast dough, typically flavored pinch citrus zest, and deep-fried until aureate brown. Once they’re retired of nan fryer, they’re rolled successful granulated sugar, giving them a saccharine and crispy exterior while maintaining a ray and fluffy interior. They’re a beloved saccharine treat, particularly successful Hawaii wherever they’ve go a celebrated portion of section cuisine owed to nan power of Portuguese immigrants.

  • Kevin Toy