Belleville, Illinois – A arguable proposition to present “Food Truck Days” astatine Shoehorn Brewing successful Belleville has sparked statement among section businesses. While Mike Johnson, proprietor of nan brewery, seeks metropolis assembly support for nan initiative, concerns person been raised regarding imaginable impacts connected established establishments.

Johnson’s connection envisions hosting a azygous nutrient motortruck extracurricular his business each Tuesday evening (5-9 PM) and Sunday (12-9 PM) from March to November. However, this petition clashes pinch Belleville’s existent regulations, which mostly prohibit nutrient trucks successful nan Downtown territory isolated from pinch typical permits.

Bennie Parr, proprietor of Bennie’s Pizza and Pub, expressed concerns astir nan imaginable consequences of nan proposal. Having witnessed nan caller maturation of Downtown Belleville, Parr fears that allowing nutrient trucks could lead to “uncontrolled” developments. He emphasizes nan further taxation levied connected Downtown businesses and stresses nan request for stricter regulations to safeguard existing ventures if nan connection gains traction.

The metropolis assembly gathering scheduled for Tuesday evening will service arsenic a important level for discussing this proposal. To date, Belleville does not person a important nutrient motortruck beingness compared to different cities successful nan area. However, this could alteration complete nan adjacent year. The determination made by nan assembly will person important implications for some nan brewery and nan broader Downtown business landscape.

  • Kevin Toy