Jackson, TN – Last week, a barbecue nutrient truck opened astatine a caller location successful Jackson Tennessee. Known arsenic Estanaula Barbecue Company, nan motortruck is located astatine 1450 Hollywood Dr, Jackson, and its opening hours are Wednesday to Friday from 10:30 – 2 PM.

The Estanaula BBQ Co. nutrient truck, owned by Matt and Evan, who hail from Brownsville, Tennessee, is simply a culinary task that specializes successful classical barbecue items. The sanction “Estanaula” is derived from an aged Chickasaw word, translating to “river crossing.” Their paper features an array of mouth-watering options, including ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, smoked chicken, and a assortment of classical sides specified arsenic baked beans, coleslaw, greens, and murphy salad.

Both Matt and Evan are nary strangers to nan nutrient industry, pinch Evan spending astir of his profession arsenic a cook and was formerly of Eader House.

For nan convenience of their customers, nan motortruck besides accepts call-in orders astatine nan number (731) 780-1347. First established successful 2022, nan Estanaula BBQ Co. nutrient motortruck only precocious made an quality astatine nan Poplar Corner Exxon state position located astatine 1450 Hollywood Drive. However, pinch their hearty offerings and increasing reputation, it whitethorn only beryllium a matter of clip earlier they go good known successful nan area.

  • Kevin Toy