Los Angeles, CA – A decade ago, nan Los Angeles Koreatown barbecue scene, erstwhile vibrant, had go stagnant, dominated by all-you-can-eat establishments. Then, a spark of rejuvenation arrived successful nan shape of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, opened by nan celebrated South Korean comedian and tv characteristic of nan aforesaid name.

Occupying a abstraction wrong nan historical Chapman Plaza, Baekjeong injected power and enthusiasm into nan neighborhood. Fans flocked to acquisition its unsocial offerings, including high-quality cuts of galbi (marinated short ribs) and premier extracurricular skirt, cooked to perfection connected a operation state and charcoal grill.

Over nan years, nan edifice simplified its sanction to Baekjeong, which translates to “butcher,” and expanded its scope beyond Los Angeles. New locations opened successful New York City, Torrance, Buena Park, San Jose, and Seattle. However, nan original constitution successful LA, birthplace of this breathtaking section successful Koreatown dining, is poised for a transformation.

Soon, nan acquainted abstraction will unveil a caller concept: Origin Korean Barbecue. This displacement marks nan extremity of an era but besides nan opening of a caller culinary adventure. However, it looks for illustration nan venue will stay arsenic a Korean BBQ spot. While specifications regarding Origin stay nether wraps, it promises to proceed nan bequest of invention and value that Baekjeong established a decade ago. As seen, nan signage has already changed which intends that Origin will beryllium opening soon. However, location is nary group opening day arsenic of yet.

  • Kevin Toy