This week, celebrated comedian and podcast big Joe Rogan visited nan Austin edifice Gangnam Korean BBQ. His sojourn was shared by nan edifice which looked delighted to big nan TV funnyman. Speaking connected their Instagram account, they wrote: ‘Can’t convey Joe Rogan capable for stopping by and for giving america a shoutout! convey you!’ which was accompanied by a image of nan ex-fighter.

As seen below, nan eatery besides shared a video of Rogan wrong nan venue. Here, he posed for fans earlier eating nan likes of octopus, bulgogi, and hotpot. Back successful 2020, Joe Rogan famously made nan move from California to Texas. Since then, he has made his location successful Austin and hasn’t looked back. As a result, it’s not excessively astonishing to spot nan comic retired and about. Since Rogan’s visit, Gangnam has gone connected to grounds sold-out evenings which show conscionable really impactful his sojourn was erstwhile it comes to creating a section buzz.

Gangnam finds BBQ occurrence successful Austin

Gangnam Korean BBQ successful Austin is simply a celebrated Korean barbecue edifice known for its delicious grilled meats, cheesy corn, and soju. With its authentic Korean dishes and lively atmosphere, it’s decidedly a must-visit for anyone looking for a flavorful and nosy eating experience. This is peculiarly nan lawsuit pinch its hotpot menu. While this mostly involves various cuts of meats, there’s besides a action of seafood options for illustration spicy squid aliases grilled fish.

Vegetables for illustration mushrooms, peppers, and onions are typically served alongside nan meat, and you tin wrap everything up successful a crisp lettuce leafage pinch immoderate kimchi and atom for a delicious bite. Of course, Korean BBQ wouldn’t beryllium complete without a action of broadside dishes called banchan, specified arsenic kimchi, radish pickles, and saccharine potatoes. And let’s not hide nan soju, a Korean liquor that pairs perfectly pinch grilled meat. With this successful mind, it’s not astonishing that this edifice has been a occurrence successful nan Austin nutrient scene.

  • Kevin Toy