Penfield, New York – A cornerstone of nan section organization for complete a century, Schutt’s Apple Mill is expanding its scope pinch nan motorboat of a marque caller nutrient truck. This breathtaking venture, slated to debut successful nan spring, marks a important measurement guardant for nan family-owned business, now successful its 4th generation.

The nutrient motortruck will chiefly showcase Schutt’s Apple Mill’s renowned fried cakes, a beloved staple for decades. These miniature versions, freshly prepared on-site utilizing nan family’s time-honored doughnut recipe, will beryllium disposable successful some classical flavors and innovative seasonal creations for illustration pome pie.

As summertime arrives, nan nutrient motortruck will further tantalize sensation buds pinch nan summation of soft service crystal pick and refreshing pome cider slushies. While fans of Schutt’s signature pome frost will still request to sojourn nan Penfield location, nan nutrient motortruck offers a delectable sensation of nan orchard’s offerings successful a convenient format.

Evan Schutt, nan existent owner, highlights nan expanding vulnerability for nan business arsenic a cardinal motivator for this venture. The nutrient motortruck will initially beryllium featured astatine nan Brighton Farmer’s Market connected Sundays, pinch plans to grow to festivals and backstage events.

Located astatine 1063 Plank Road successful Penfield, Schutt’s Apple Mill remains a beloved destination for families and pome enthusiasts alike. The motorboat of nan nutrient motortruck marks a caller section successful nan orchard’s rich | history, offering its cherished flavors to nan organization successful a vibrant and accessible way.

  • Kevin Toy